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Vampire Facial

  • Microneedling

Enjoy a Vampire Facial Today so Your Skin Glows Tomorrow!

Every single day amazing new treatment plans are introduced to the dermatology world. In recent years, people have been growing increasingly fond of the vampire facial. The Vampire Facial is a special type of treatment that utilizes platelet-rich plasma combined with micro-needling techniques. This unique treatment plan can be a wonderful way to treat a number of common complaints. If you are interested in pursuing a vampire facial, keep on reading to find out what they are all about.


Hiring the team at Reskin Aesthetics for your vampire facial is actually a pretty simple task. After booking your appointment online or over the phone, you will attend your session. During your session, you will have between 10 and 30ml of blood drawn from your vein. After roughly ten minutes in a centrifuge, your platelets are extracted before being injected into the area of your skin that needs rejuvenating.


Vampire facials are unique, exciting, and innovative procedures. Call Reskin Aesthetics to discuss your beauty and wellness needs, today!

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