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Dark Circle Treatment

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Are people always telling you that you look tired, even when you have had a full night’s rest? Dark circles and puffy eyes are extremely common in both men and women. They can make us appear to others as stressed out and exhausted, which can in turn dampen our self-confidence. Dark circles are also a leading cause to making you appear older than you actually are.

While many individuals think that dark circles are just due to sleep deprivation, there are many other conditions that can cause dark circles, such as aging, eye strain, and genetics. They are also more common for people who have darker skin tones (medium to deep skin tones), because darker skin tones are prone to hyperpigmentation under the eyes.

Because the skin under the eye is so thin, the blood vessels under the skin can become more visible—these dark blood vessels are what cause the dark circles. Also, if you suffer from puffy eyes or eye bags, the shadows cast from these can make the under-eye area appear darker, causing hyperpigmentation. As we age, our skin loses fat and collagen, which makes the area under the eye become even more hollow and sunken, which can make dark circles appear even worse. While getting more sleep or drinking more water can help some, most people are still left with dark circles no matter how rested or hydrated they are.

The key to the successful treatment of Dark Circles under the eye is a proper assessment to work out the nature of the darkness and the causes. A medical history and examination is needed to determine hereditary factors, general medical health and any presence of sinus disease or allergies.

In particular, it is critical to determine if there is Wrinkling, Swelling, Pigmentation, Increased Vascularity and/or a Tear Trough Deformity.

Dark circles

The method chosen for dark circle treatment will generally depend on the type and characteristics of your unique condition.

A variety of natural creams for dark circle under eye are widely available, but it is important that you consult a skin care specialist before trying to use these creams at home because your condition may be more complex than expected.

Unfortunately, most of our patients with dark circles are those who have had disappointing experiences with home remedies. Some found that the remedies simply didn’t work; and others found that their symptoms actually worsened.

If you have failed with a variety of dark circle eye treatments or products, perhaps it is time to consider a more effective treatment at Reskin Aesthetics.

dark circles
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