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Become a Model Patient

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Female or Male Models required for heavily discounted treatments. We are looking for suitable women and men to model for our exciting range of treatments. You will be booked into our special clinics and ONLY treated by our cosmetic doctors.

The purpose of the model clinics is to help in the development of training videos and resources. These will eventually be used to teach fellow medical professionals and in training courses. We will also be using photos and videos as patient/client education aids in order to inform interested patients/clients of how each treatment is performed and what results to expect.

Each model will be fully assessed to ascertain their suitability.


Treatments available:                                                  Price:

Anti-wrinkle injections (botox)                                  £175

Tear Trough Fillers                                                      £175 per ml

Lip Fillers                                                                      £150 per ml

Smile Line fillers                                                          £150 per ml

Marionettes Lines                                                       £150 per ml

Jaw Line Fillers                                                            £150 per ml

Cheek Augmentation                                                 £150 per ml

Cheek Fillers                                                                £150 per ml

Underarm Sweating, Hyperhidrosis                        £250

Botox for Migraine                                                      £350

Skin boosters                                                               £150 per ml

PRP Rejuvenation                                                       £150

Profhilo                                                                         £200 per 2ml


Model Requirements:

You must be over 18 years old for this treatment. 

Models must be assessed and deemed to be suitable and therefore we ask that you send us two photographs of your face (front & side view), with no makeup and facing a window to achieve good lighting. Once received, we will be in touch to inform you of your suitability and proceed with payment.

You MUST be prepared to be photographed and videoed during your consultation and treatment.

Full informed consent will be obtained.

You should be aware the images will be for professional and social media use.

You will be expected to attend for follow up appointment either virtually or in person with adequate follow up photos to be taken or provided.

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(Please mention in the message box that you are interested in becoming a model patient)

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